Groups Attended
  • Blues Trust
  • Small Heath Alliance
  • Often Partisan 
  • Disabled Supporters Club
  • North West
  • BCFC Official Messageboard
  • East Mids
  • South Wales
  • Mid Wales
  • Singing the Blues
  • London
  • Forza Blues
  • Redditch
  • YBS

I've noted the main points for each topic. Anything highlighted needs our attention.

1 Stadium / Security

  •  There can be no consideration of safe standing at St Andrews until legislation changes.
  • General comments about the clarity of the PA system. If there are problems in the area you sit please let the steward know at the Burnley match.
2 Marketing 

Comments about the quality of our on-pitch announcer - to be fed back.

3 Ticketing
Several comments about the tIcketmaster service i.e. needs to be improved. The club will review its supplier at the end of the season.

4 Catering
Lengthy discussion, but to be honest I can't get excited by pies and sweets.

5 PR & Comms
 Everyone, including the club seems unhappy with the website but we are tied to a national agreement with all other Football League clubs until 2017. There are serious discussions taking place to improve the service. In the meantime the Club suggests that if you want to get the latest Club News its best done  via the Blues Facebook and Twitter accounts.

6 AV stuff ( thats Audio Visual not the vile)

Issues with Blues World commentaries being sorted with the supplier.
Certain issues with the Video screen at St Andrews being resolved but they are restricted in what action can be shown during a game.

7 AoB (i.e what the f**k is going on!)

There were obviously questions about the potential takeover. The club must observe real confidentiality but they did say that Peter Pannu would be happy to get a view of our questions and concerns and, if possible put together a response. This would be published  across all  the channels e.g. programme, website, press. 
Please send any comments to Rob/David and we will forward a YBS view to Blues before Christmas.
 On a lighter note we watched the first team squad playing 5-a-side and also a part of the Academy's game.